We started our repair career more than two decades ago. We got a thorough grounding to be elevated to CERTFIED TECHNICIANS stage in Automobile mechanism under master technicians. Since then we have been around Gaithersburg, mainly involved around automobiles trouble shooting. You may part with your good money and get an unreliable job which may land you & your much needed auto in a terrible fix. We remind you that Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.


Ours is one of the few companies that has several authentic & certified technicians who underwent Special training on hybrid vehicles. In keeping with our policy we handle all clients’ problems with dedication and with a professional touch. You have easy access to us through Phone, e’ mail or skype on a 24/7 basis.


Other than Hybrid vehicles we tackle any bumper to bumper issue on every make of a car.  We would scientifically diagnose any major or minor matter with confidence and rectify it backed up with a warranty.  You may receive free and realistic estimates before we start rectification process. You would drive away with confidence and in comfort. Extended warranties, we would offer upon discussion.


• We especially focus on Batteries, Starters & Alternator, engine transmissions to name a few     services. Another noted offering is the Re-generation of Hybrid batteries.

• Guaranteed Emission repairs to pass the Emission test.

• Free Hi-tech Diagnostic Scanning

• Re-manufacturing Transmissions

• Our comprehensive service is not limited to repairs but includes a dealership in offering new or used motor vehicles at affordable prices.